If you are one of those many who are ready to hit the college, try to answer this question honestly as possible - do you really want to study the subject you have chosen/ does it help you to pursue a good career in future? If your answer is yes, you are good to proceed with your current decision. But if your answer is no, don’t worry or be surprised, you are one among the 85% of the students who also feel like you.

We take advice from our parents and friends on everything in our day to day life - what to wear, what to watch, which phone to buy, where to hang out. Then why are you so reluctant to seek advice or guidance on your career choice?

Another problem that our society is facing is the lack of adequate knowledge of the various new-age careers. Different from other countries, career counselling as a field is not much accepted or appreciated here, even though there is a huge need for it. Most of the developed countries out there have a strong structure for career guidance from the school level which helps a student decide their future course of action. It has now become one of the important things that institutions in our country need to recognize the need for career counselling, not only for the students’ bright future but for the development of the country too.

Now here are some details which highlight the urgency of developing and accessing career guidance among the youth in our country.

The Guardian states that about half of the population of India are under the age of 25 years, no country has a higher number of young people. So, there is a dire need of guidance to these young people to lead them to the right career path. If did right, they will be in their field of choice or based on their skills, no one can stop our country from walking towards a developed nation.

Another study done by Mindler on more than 10,000 students across India revealed that 93% are only aware of just 7 career options where there are more than 250 are currently available in India itself. Considering all this information, do you think people are pursuing career options that are right for them? The answer is NO!

The solution to this problem is simple - career counselling. If you still don’t the importance of it, consider whenever you are trying to learn something new, would it not be easier to do it with someone guiding you on your side rather than figuring out everything by your own? Career counselling is more important when it comes to career choices.

What is career counselling?

It is the process of an expert helps a student to choose the best career option. The process helps one to understand own self, as well as work trends so that the expert can make an informed decision on your career and education. Career counselling helps one to manage a range of problems such as poor concentration level and time management, issues with parents and others on which career to choose.

The process

One has to take an assessment on himself/herself that includes current interests, aptitude, emotional quotient, personality characteristics and orientation style. Once complete with the assessment, you can meet a career counsellor to plan your further studies and career.

A career counsellor is an expert who will understand and help solve your career problems easily. The expert will listen to you, help you understand your report and provide you will updated information on various career option which suits you. The expert can help you develop a framework for your career goals and ways to achieve it. 

How to assess your Aptitude?

One of the important element in assessing yourself is aptitude. We may have an interest in many things but may not have the aptitude for it. This refers to your current skill set and based on that ability you learn certain skills.

Benefits of Career Counselling

No one in this world is born with all knowledge and each of us requires guidance at some point of life, at personal and professional levels. This can make us more aware, learn from other’s experiences and help us to make well-informed decisions.

On making career choices, career counselling is the best way to provide a student with constructive guidance and be helpful in many ways:

Lock on to the Right Career

Career counselling can help a student to explore a range of career options and each one in a structured manner to understand what are you getting into. Career counsellors are experts in assessing one’s personality, interests and other aspects related to career.

Help Provide Expert Resources

Career counsellors provide you with a rich repository of resources and knowledge which makes you more aware so that your decisions will remain firm. The knowledge on the career options, their scope and ways to pursue it are important to both parents and students since most the time they are not aware of such information.

Change Unwanted Behaviour Patterns

Both students and professionals are having a common habit that is hard to break, such as procrastination, not keeping updated on their profession or career path, not considering emotional or mental health, neglecting the importance of self-motivation etc. A career counsellor can help you to break those behavioural patterns and become productive all-day at home and college/ work.

Remove Career-related Frustrations

Choosing the best-suited career by own can be demanding for both parents and students. The lack of any source of sharing the emotions and thoughts can add up to the existing frustration, which can lead to many problems. Career counselling provides a platform to reduce such frustrations and redirect to you to selecting the best career option.

Provides a Role-Model

Career counselling provides the students with the opportunity to connect with experts who have enough life experiences to share. They are the real role-models who have helped many with their life experiences. This is why a career counselling can help to become an inspiration to students who are looking to find the right career path in this world.

Bring Stability in Thought

Career counsellors can help you remain calm when making important decision on your career. The expert can help bring concentration and maintain that throughout all your activities. By proper scheduling and planning, they will help you to make your life more organized.

We recommend everyone who is preparing to move into the new phase of their life by making a career choice, make sure it is the right one by taking help from a career counsellor


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