After completing your schooling from the comfort and familiarity of home, moving out of the city to study in a college is an exciting new adventure to everyone. One has to deal with everything on their own and this will bring a lot of changes to your lifestyle and academics as well. Apart from school, in college, one has to study a specialized subject, go independently to each class instead of a teacher coming to your classroom, meeting new mates and engage in extra-curricular activities.

The transition from home and school life to a new place and a new college can be challenging and fearsome at the same time if you have never lived away from family before. However, many of the students have been in such a situation and dealing with it is not a troublesome task. You may not have any idea on how to deal with the situation, but to make the best of the situation and enjoy it to the fullest, you have to be prepared.

So here we are discussing 10 important things to keep in mind if you are preparing to move out to college in another city. Before making the first move, these are the important things you should take care of. Let’s break it one by one.

Do a “research Trip”

Before actually moving out to the new city, you should visit the place with your parents, fully explore the area and finalize your stay whether it’s hostel or PG. Usually, colleges have their own hostel arrangements or tie-ups with paying guest accommodations where students can live. Also, look for nearby eateries, public transport availability and other emergency services.

Pack everything in Advance

We always leave the packing session to the last minute, but packing earlier will leave with less risk of leaving important things behind that you may need. Give importance to pack some comfortable clothing, useful shoes, necessary electronics, toiletries and a basic first-aid kit. And additionally, you can pack more household belongings depending on the place you have decided to live. It is recommended to have basic security (a lock function) to your bag especially if you are going to live with roommates or housemates.

Basic cooking knowledge

It is recommended learning to make some simple food items like instant noodles, sandwiches, etc. Learning this will come in handy when you feel hungry all of a sudden at a time when cooked food is not readily available. When you get busy with late-night studies or any other activities, this basic cooking knowledge will be helpful.

Check all you necessary Documents/cards

Organize and carry your important documents and cards with you safely as you will be staying away from your parents. This includes your Aadhar card, driving licence, ATM/debit/credit card, PAN card, any medical prescriptions if applicable, college admission documents, academic documents etc. Once you join the college, keep all the documents you have and the ones you get from college safely.

Even after moving to the new place, your work is definitely not over. Here are some things you should not miss.

Unpack carefully

Once you reach the new place, obviously you will unpack everything and it is useful if you keep a record on where you have kept all your stuff in the room. This will help when you search for any particular item without anyone’s help. Instead of wasting your time searching for the whole place, you can refer to the record and it will lead to where your missing belonging is.

 Check with your college

The very first important thing you should do is to check in with the college and finish up any pending paper works or anything else that should be done before your class gets started. And once you have completed the formalities, you can explore the campus, learn your way to different parts and get the feel of it. Maybe you will get friends right away and it might help in the smooth adjustment into your college life.

Explore the City/Town

After exploring the college campus, you can try discovering the city if you feel so. Moving to a new place independently is thrilling right, so why not enjoy the experience? Take a quick tour through the city, discover the touristy places, top hangouts and maybe take your new friends too. This will help you feel a sense of home and belongings and settle safely into the city.


Living away from your parents means you have to manage your finances more carefully, plan your budget and keep a safe amount of cash in your hand. Monetary safety of your parents will not be there instantly and you will have to consider college and food expenses while spending on personal interests such as shopping or movies.

Follow a routine

It is easy to fall into a routine of late nights and late mornings when you start to live on your own. It should be in your best interest to regulate yourself into a more productive routine from the very first day of college itself. Try to sleep on time and wake up early and incorporate some quick workouts in your routine, at least on weekends. You have to take into consideration that your parents are not around to enforce these habits. Keeping a good routine will make you feel glad that you have started a healthy routine which makes you energetic all day while your late-waking classmates are tired.

Be  confident

Moving out to a new place can be stressful and scary at first, but you should make it up to yourself to feel confident and positive. This is your first step into adulthood and the change may feel intimidating, so try to take each day one at a time. Most of the students of the college will be in the same situation that you’re in and you can help each other to settle. Enjoy your newfound freedom, new friends and new academic atmosphere.

Moving on to college life is a big step in the life of a student with the teaching style, curriculum and the overall atmosphere of the whole place. It is okay to feel daunting if you are joining a college which is away from home and start living on your own. However, keep a positive attitude, confidence and full preparation. By this, you can make a smooth transition into the next stage of your life.


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