In today’s time, lack of focus, attention and concentration has become a concern for everyone, especially while studying. One moment you are studying and the next you will be thinking of dinner! This is a dilemma most of us face today but it is not something you really can’t work upon. With proper practice, these skills can be improved over time no matter how bad they are at present.

To start with, you have to decide and be committed to the process of developing your concentration skills. Once that is done, the next thing you have to work on is the ‘how’. Yes, you need to figure out how you tend to lose concentration while you are studying.

Ask yourself what distracts you. You might come with many answers or just one. It is always good to write them down as it will make you aware of the situations and feelings that result in you losing your focus.

The next thing you need to think about is your goals. You should know what you really want for yourself because when it is your goals that drive you forward, your actions tend to align towards the same.

Once you have figured out the above, you have already initiated the process of improving the skills that play a major role in achieving your aspirations. Now its the time for some tips that will help charter your thoughts and concentration onto whatever you are working on.

Work on your sleep schedule

Good sleep is important for your overall well being. You may tend to overwork yourself and consider cutting down your sleep to make up for whatever is pending. This, however, will not turn out to be positive for your mind and body. You need to have at least 7 hours of consistent sleep for a sound mind.

Do not multitask

Multitasking is something we all do today. When you focus and try concentrating on multiple things at the same time, you are more likely to have a negative impact in the long run which will eventually lead to lack of focus.

Take care of your mind

While you are preparing for an exam, you can keep your mind active by some low impact physical activity. Take a break, get some fresh air or go for a brisk walk outside. Physical activity increases blood flow to your brain which contributes to improved focus and concentration.

Eat Healthy

According to research, junk food not only affects our physical health but our mental health as well. So while you are about to start your exam preparation, its better to say goodbye to all that junk food you were planning to eat!

Manage your Time

Time management is an important skill you need to master. When you don’t manage your time effectively, you get stressed over every little thing and are more likely to lose your focus.  Time management helps you get your things done at the correct time and hence reduce the stress. 

Set up the right environment

Everyone has got a certain environment that they are comfortable in. When you are studying, you need to adjust the environment for that purpose. You could adjust the lights, the physical setting or even the temperature to what’s best for you.

Color Therapy

Certain colours do have different effects on the human mind. Colour therapy is one such kind which is proven to improve concentration. Researches tell that that colour red is very effective when it comes to this, especially by boosting your attention to details. So here’s the deal! Try staring at something red the next time you feel mentally drained and see if the therapy works for you.


Music has always helped us handle our thoughts.  Studies suggest classical music as a good choice when it comes to helping with information retention. But there’s no rule that you have to stick to the same. Find out the music that helps you and make sure it does not become a hindrance in your learning process.

That’s our list of tips to help you with your concentration. However, when it comes to achieving your academic goals, execution of plans are also important. Find out what you are short of, focus on the outcomes and make sure you put your plan to work


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